New Adult

The Truth Untold. La verità nascosta

(The Truth Untold)

Magazzini Salani, September 2022, pp.592


over 100,000 copies sold!

Once upon a time there was a divided city and an everlasting love. Will an untold truth lead to a happy ending?

 A great New Adult romance with a touch of fantasy.

In a city torn apart by hatred, the Reds and the Whites live apart. Their worlds are divided by tall gates, at least until the day when the mayor decides to relocate the Red School pupils to the White Academy, so that the factions can mix and the tension – which has been raging for too long – can cool down. That’s how Isabella, the daughter of one of the city’s most influential families, meets for the first time Kinan, who represents the Reds. Kinan has flame-red hair, magnetic green eyes, and seems like an exemplary student. However, there is something odd about him and all the Reds. They have forced smiles, unnatural politeness and their every gesture appears to conceal shadow. Stubborn and brave, Isabella will be the first to unearth the terrifying secret behind appearances. A secret so dangerous, it can devastate lives. In a rollercoaster of fierce hatred and unfathomable attraction, their fates are doomed to become intertwined, as they are bound together by a truth that has waited all too long to be told.

Magazzini Salani, September 2022, pp.592

Rights Sold

French and World English Rights under negotiation.


Rokia has loved making up stories since she was a child. She started telling them on Wattpad, just for fun, in 2016, under the pseudonym Clarine Jay, registering over 11 million views. With Magazzini Salani she has already published The Truth Untold which has been a bestseller with over 100,000 copies sold.

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