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Antonio Vallardi Editore, October 2020, pp.368

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Apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, oval: what is our body shape?
A guide to proportions in order to learn to appreciate and finally love our bodies.

A manifesto against the notion of standardised beauty, because every body is different and what’s truly important is to be able to appreciate it.

Through an objective and analytical method with rules and measurements, Rossella Migliaccio teaches us how to discover the physical type we belong to. Only beware – size and weight do not matter! These are not calculations aimed at defining the umpteenth perfection criterion. Because knowing our body and being able to interpret its proportions is the first step towards learning to appreciate it, highlighting its strengths and the unique, special characteristics of our appearance. Because true beauty lies entirely in harmony.

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Antonio Vallardi Editore, October 2020, pp.368

  • “It’s the simplest intuition that leads to success stories. Like that of Rossella Migliaccio, thirty-nine years old, image consultant by trade and expert by intuition.”

    Io Donna

  • “The only specialist capable of saving our cornea: Rossella Migliaccio, the queen of colour analysis.”

    Il Foglio

Rossella Migliaccio

Rossella Migliaccio was born in Naples and brought up in Milan. After graduating from Bocconi university in Milan, she studied with the most famous US and British colour analysts. She has been working in fashion advertising and publishing for over 10 years. She has analysed thousands of people and set up Italy’s first institute devoted entirely to image consultancy. She is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Her first book, Armocromia [Colour Analysis] (2019), has been an instant bestseller.

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