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Il cambiamento che meritiamo

(The Change We Deserve)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2021, pp.208

An intense, heartfelt pamphlet that speaks out against the intolerable state of inequality which even in the present day, in the new millennium, keeps millions of women in the world hostage.

A call: men and women, let’s rise together and oppose violence against women. Only by being united can we truly change things.

We are immersed in the turbulence of a terrible crisis which can, however – if we act decisively – lead to an important turning point, to the lasting change so many of us are hoping for. Currently, in the world, one woman out of three is the victim of abuse and over a hundred women are killed every day by men who claim to love them. We must intervene before this tsunami of violence can also destabilise, with physical and psychological consequences, future generations, since violence has an effect on the whole family and entire communities. That’s something Rula Jebreal knows well. Stifled by silence for many years, she is using this book to give voice to the story of her mother Nadia, a victim of male brutality, and to many stories and testimonials of other brave women who survived, ready to rise again – women who are not afraid to fight. They are united by the perpetual injustice that’s been carried out from the dawn of time and still doesn’t appear to subside.


We women are the threads that holds the weave together and stops the fabric from coming apart. Acting for the wellbeing of women means acting for the wellbeing of the entire community and society. Women and men together, we must take on the responsibility of a part in this fight if we want to build a future worthy of the hopes of our daughters and our sons.

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2021, pp.208

  • “A book that brings together a journalistic investigation and recollections – and calls to men so that an end can be put to violence against women.”

    Maria Grazie Ligato, Io Donna

  • “A manifesto against all inequality, discrimination and violence”.

    Candida Morvillo, Corriere della sera

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Rula Jebreal

Rula Jebreal is an award-winning journalist, writer and university lecturer who lives in New York and writes for international publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and Newsweek, as well as TV stations like MSNBC. After losing her mother at the age of five, Rula went to the Dar El Tifl orphanage in Jerusalem, founded and run by the women’s rights activist Hind al-Husseini, and alternated studying with volunteering in refugee camps. This experience led to her first novel, Miral, translated into eight languages. She has always been an active supporter of human rights and, attended the 2019 G7 meeting of the Gender Equality Advisory Council in Paris.

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