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L'inverno dei Leoni. Edizione speciale illustrata

(The Florios of Sicily. Illustrated Special Edition)

Casa Editrice Nord, November 2022, pp.688

The best-selling book of 2021 returns, enriched with vivid illustrations, for an immersion into the atmosphere and customs of that era.

The book contains nearly 400 black-and-white pictures of various sizes, from full page to an eighth of a page. Some are authentic images – places, events, historical characters – but most of them are suggestively evocative, like those in 20th-century illustrated novels. This option respects the format of the novel and allows the reader who has already read the book to re-imagine the events.

Casa Editrice Nord, November 2022, pp.688

Stefania Auci

Stefania Auci was born in Trapani but for a long time now has been living in Palermo, where she works as a special needs teacher. Her novel I Leoni di Sicilia [The Florios of Sicily], which has enjoyed tremendous success (it was on the bestseller list for over a hundred weeks and is being translated in 32 countries), tells the story of the Florios until the mid 19th century and has conquered readers through the passion with which it’s been able to present the conflicting, enthralling vitality of this family. A passion that also runs through L’inverno dei Leoni, the second and concluding part of the saga, which reveals in full the myth of the Florios, making us relive an era, a world and a destiny that has no equal.

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