La dieta della longevità

(The Longevity Diet)

Antonio Vallardi Editore, September 2016, pp.304

One of the most important scientific discoveries in the field of nutrition. Valter Longo demonstrates how to prevent and cure illnesses that are typical in our century such as cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

“Eat, fast, live longer and healthier. The revolutionary diet by the longevity guru.” Time Magazine

Topping the charts since day one – 18 months in a row – more than 350,000 copies sold.

Full English PDF available.

Valter Longo, the scientist whose revolutionary studies on genetics, nutrition, stem cells and longevity have become a fundamental reference point, reveals all of these topics in his book. Basing his findings on a 5-pillar strategy, Longo has demonstrated that it’s possible to be cured through food. The Longevity Diet is simple to follow on a daily basis for those who already enjoy a Mediterranean diet, and it works well with the extraordinarily effective Fasting-Mimicking Diet developed in his laboratory. Inspired by the ancient habits common to all cultures, the DMD helps reduce the risks and difficulties of eating less, making it compatible with the requirements of an active lifestyle. Like a Longevity Elixir, the Longo Diet cures us with food, and therefore revolutionizes our relationship with it.

Antonio Vallardi Editore, September 2016, pp.304

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Valter D. Longo

Valter Longo is a biochemist born in Genova in 1967. He has a worldwide reputation for being one of the leaders in the field of studies on ageing and age-related illnesses and has had articles in some of the most authoritative science publications, including Nature, Science and Cell. He is professor of Gerontology and Biology Sciences, and director of the Institute of Longevity of the School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, one of the most prestigious centres in the world dedicated exclusively to teaching and researching the ageing process. Professor Longo has been awarded some of the most prestigious awards for his career: among these are the Nathan Shock Lecture Award from the National Institute on Ageing (NIA/NIH) in 2010 and the Vincent Cristofalo “Rising Star” award for research on ageing from the American Federation for Ageing Research in 2013. He is also director of the Laboratory of Oncology and Longevity at the IFOM (Institute of Molecular Oncology) in Milan. His first book La dieta della Longevità (The Longevity Diet, Vallardi, 2016) revolutionised research on longevity and nutrition. Rights have been sold across the world. Vallardi have also published his Alla tavola della longevità (2018) and Bambini, nutrizione e longevità (2019).

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