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Established in 2007, Chiarelettere is an independent multimedia publisher on a mission to provide a hub for independent and in-depth information, far from partisan political, economic and religious influences. With over 300 titles to their credit, Chiarelettere has brought innovation to Italian publishing with its powerful works of investigative journalism, garnering a wide readership and launching many new authors over the years. Economics, justice, terrorism, politics, crime and the Mafia, the Vatican and religion are among the topics most frequently tackled by its wide range of publications that includes pamphlets, books, biographies and memoirs…
Of particular note are best-selling works by Gianluigi Nuzzi concerning Vatileaks (Vaticano S.p.a., Sua Santità, Via Crucis) and I demoni di Salvini by Claudio Gatti, the latter published in 2019, an investigation into the background of Italian politician Matteo Salvini’s ascent to power. Another successful series, published in 2014, is “Narrazioni”: this, too, comprises a wide range of publications, from novels to memoirs, whose most notable authors are Nobel Laureate Dario Fo (La figlia del Papa), Antonio Manzini (Orfani bianchi), Andrea Camilleri with his autobiographical titles, and Mauro Corona and Luigi Maieron, with their recently released Quasi niente. In 2018, Chiarelettere added to their list renowned international authors including Bachtyar Ali, David Chariandy, Sunjeev Sahota and Daniel Saldana Paris. Finally, the series “Biblioteca” is dedicated to the intellectual and political giants and writers of the last century, and showcases such authors as Hannah Arendt, Don Milani, Antonio Gramsci, John Maynard Keynes, Jack London, Shaftesbury, Lev Trotsky and Simone Weil.

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