La Coccinella


La Coccinella was established in 1977, when Domenico Caputo, Giuliana Crespi, Loredana Farina and Giorgio Fanetti teamed up to create a revolutionary children’s publishing house. Their mission was to reinvent the very concept of children’s books, by turning them into interactive objects for even the youngest to touch, explore and handle. La Coccinella published its first title, Brucoverde, over 40 years ago: “a hole with a book around it” that remains a best-seller to this day. The idea behind Brucoverde developed into a fully fledged publishing programme, but one which never lost sight of its goal to encourage young (and very young!) readers to playfully interact with its books using all their five senses. La Coccinella’s varied and multi-sensory offering piques curiosity and stimulates creativity, providing an all-round learning experience. Following on from their famous “books with holes”, over the years La Coccinella has launched several original series with broad commercial appeal, among them “Quante domande quante risposte” (So many questions, so many answers), “Apri le finestrine” (Open the flaps), “Con un ditino” (With your little finger), and “Piccole storie di natura” (Little stories about nature).
In joining the GeMS group in May 2009, La Coccinella further strengthened its presence in the Italian preschool market while retaining its international appeal: in fact, won over by the quality, originality and constant innovation of the brand, its target audience has remained loyal for over 40 years. La Coccinella recently entered the world of franchising  with “PJ Masks”, a move that has not only opened up interesting new marketing avenues and created significant new revenue streams, but has also raised the company’s profile further, transforming it into a major player in the children’s publishing market worldwide.

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