Newton Compton Editori


Founded in 1969 by Vittorio Avanzini, who now heads up the publishing house together with his son Raffaello, Newton Compton celebrates over 50 years of publishing success with an unswerving commitment to making knowledge accessible to everyone. In 2019, Newton Compton was acquired by the GeMS group, and continues with renowned vigour on a mission to encourage Italians to read more.
Over the years, the house has added to its rich and varied catalogue, a catalogue that comprises a variety of genres and disciplines, combining entertainment and culture, and offering high quality and affordability to cater to the interests and needs of every reader. For more than half a century, Newton Compton has continued to be an innovator and reader’s favourite, by publishing literary classics in enticing new ways: from its 1970s’ line of paperbacks (“Grandi Tascabili Economici”), the much-loved and extremely affordable “100 pages for 1000 lire”, to the “Mammut” and “MiniMammuts” volumes, their distinctive covers featuring eye-catching caricatures of their authors.
Newton Compton has built a strong reputation for discovering new literary talent, especially with reference to contemporary fiction: among its most recent best-selling authors are Dinah Jefferies, Felicia Kingsley, Angela Marsons, Anna Premoli, Marcello Simoni and Matteo Strukul. However, it is also highly regarded for its unalloyed passion for history, for works on regional traditions, for how-to manuals and a variety of other non-fiction areas, to all of which its rich catalogue bears witness.
It publishes a selection of prestigious authors exploring the most diverse topics.
A pioneer in the eBook market, since 2010 Newton Compton has established itself as a leading force in the world of digital publishing.

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