Casa Editrice Nord


Nord-Sud Edizioni was established as an Italian imprint of Nord-Süd Verlag, a Swiss publishing house founded in 1961 to produce high-quality illustrated books for children. Nord-Sud Edizioni’s portfolio of renowned international illustrators includes Hans de Beer, Kveta Pacovska, Marcus Pfister, Eve Thrlet and Lizbeth Zwerger. Acquired by Salani in 2005, Nord-Sud went on to publish beautifully crafted illustrated books, adding to its list successful titles by both Italian and international artists (English and Spanish), while also venturing into new formats, such as hardback over-sized books. Over the past few years, Nord-Sud has expanded its catalogue of juvenile literature to produce both educational primary school titles and children’s fiction (Age: 10 +), with successful series such as “Unicorn Academy” and “Minecraft Zombie”, and acclaimed authors including James Patterson.

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