Casa Editrice Nord


Casa editrice Nord is committed to exploring one of the newest and most interesting literary trends, namely the progressive blending of different narrative genres. The backbone of its catalogue is an exciting mix of thrillers, fantasy and tales of adventure, true-life events, history and suspense, in addition to featuring critically acclaimed authors. Casa editrice Nord’s roster of best-selling fiction writers includes Glenn Cooper, with his keen sense of mystery; Frank Schatzing, one of Europe’s most celebrated science fiction authors; James Rollins, master of the great adventure story; Steve Berry, who deftly melds the genres of history and thriller; and Andrzej Sapkowski, heir to the traditional fantasy storyteller. The list continues with authors such as Kate Atkinson, Stefania Auci, Laetitia Colombani, Markus Heitz, Giulio Leoni, Federico Moccia, James Patterson, Gabrielle Zevin and Silvia Zucca. Today, Nord is a rapidly evolving publishing house, always on the lookout for the finest examples of high quality commercial fiction – and not frightened to take risks along the way.

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