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    Francesca Giannone

    La portalettere

    The Letter Carrier

    English Sample Available

    Anna Allavena, Letter Carrier: the extraordinary story of an ordinary woman who moves from Northern Italy to the South and becomes the first postwoman in a village in the Salento region.

    A riveting story about female courage and emancipation, as well as about two inseparable brothers destined to love the same woman.

    Salento, June 1934. A coach stops in the main square of Lizzanello, a village with only a few souls. A couple get off: the man, Carlo, a child of the South, is happy to be back home; the woman, Anna – his wife – is from the North. She is as beautiful as a Greek statue, but sad and worried: what kind of life awaits her in this unfamiliar land?

    In the eyes of the villagers, Anna never ceases to be “the foreigner” who doesn’t attend church, doesn’t wander around the village and doesn’t gossip. Proud and prickly, Anna never yields to the customs of Southern women: not only does she take the postal services public exam, but actually passes it and becomes the first postwoman in the village, or rather the first “letter carrier”, as she wants to be called.

    For over twenty years, Anna is the invisible thread that brings the village residents and their stories together. First on foot, then by bicycle, proud in her navy blue cap and uniform, Anna delivers letters from the young men at the front, postcards from emigrants and missives from secret lovers. Without meaning to – and above all without the villagers wanting it – the letter carrier changes many things in Lizzanello.

    Alessandra Selmi

    Al di qua del fiume

    This Side of the River

    English introduction available

    At the dawn of the 1800s, on the banks of the River Adda, the Crespi family achieved an ambitious feat: they founded Italy’s first worker village. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Hopes, drama, mystery, revenge, and love come together to form a grand historical fresco that encompasses fifty years of Italian history.

    River Adda, 1877. Cristoforo Crespi sees a small triangle of land bounded by the river as the future and the chance his family needs to make an indelible mark upon this world. Thus, the son of a simple tengitt, a dyer, builds an avant-garde cotton mill and a village to house its workers. Italy has never seen such a thing: the village has its own church, school, and comfy homes with gardens. Cristoforo bets everything he has on this dream. His money, his reputation, and even his relationship with his brother Benigno, who has succumbed to the temptations of the high life in Milan and by the prestige of owning a newspaper. For Cristoforo, what matters most is to create something concrete and to change the life of his workers for the better.

    Young Emilia’s life changes the day she moves into the new village. The daughter of one of Crespi’s most loyal workers and a woman tormented by dark premonitions, Emilia witnesses, from this side of the river, the creation of a self-sustaining world. She experiences the small and large events of Italian history: the 1989 bread riots, the First World War, the labor insurrections. But as fate would have it, her path soon crosses that of Silvio Crespi, heir to the company and to his father’s vision. Despite the socio-economic chasm that separates them, they develop a special relationship that stands the test of life and time.

    Ilaria Tuti

    Come vento cucito alla terra

    Like Wind Sewn to the Soil

    English sample available

    Ilaria Tuti – an author whose books have so far sold over 750,000 copies – returns to drawing from history in order to bring to light the experiences of the first British women surgeons during World War I, their fight for equality, as well as their dealings with the soldiers on the Western Front. The soldiers found in these women not only the healing of the body, but also rebirth through embroidery.

    This book is about the meeting between the male world of war and the female world of healing.

    Come vento cucito alla terra is the story of the first British women surgeons, a handful of pioneers, often militant suffragettes, forced to operate only in the London slums, in charitable establishments for women and children because they were not allowed to practise on men or to pursue a career. At the start of the First World War, in order to create a space for themselves in the male world and build up medical experience, they decided to leave for the battle fields of the Western Front and set up a hospital managed entirely by them in France. But this is also the story of the soldiers who were wounded and left invalids, who entered that female world thinking they were being sent there because there was no more hope for them, but who found there an opportunity for healing and redemption – partly through embroidery.

    Come vento cucito alla terra is the story of the meeting between this apparently opposite worlds through two different points of view: that of Caterina – a surgeon, single mother of Italian origin – and that of Alexander, a British soldier – first a brave captain, then a patient made prisoner of his own body, but still a leader of men he must guide through a process of rebirth. And so he does, partly by picking up a sewing needle.

    Stefania Auci

    I leoni di Sicilia

    The Florios – Sicily's Lions

    Over 1,500,000 copies sold

    TV series available on Disney+ on October 25th 2023!


    Among the 10 best selling first novels of 2021 in France !

    The saga of a great Sicilian family who, in just over a century, experienced fame, wealth and power, but was also engulfed in love affairs and betrayals, dark secrets and cruel acts of revenge. A story both epic and intimate, bathed in the colors of the Mediterranean and sparked by overwhelming passions. An extraordinary story, told by an extraordinary writer.

    Full English translation available

    From the 1800s to the 1930s, the Florios are the «uncrowned kings of Sicily»: restless and ambitious, single-minded and determined to be richer and more powerful than anybody else. They start as grindingly poor spice sellers, but they quickly move on to tuna fishing, to foundries and finally to the Marsala wine that conquers the world. Shrewd businessmen and entrepreneurs, the Florio men are also stubborn, arrogant, philanderers and slaves to passions and they often find themselves forced to choose between ambition and sacrifice. Strong and resolute, the Florio women may be caring mothers, alluring mistresses or wounded wives, but they always strive to find their place in the world. From Vincenzo, the founder of the Florio empire, to Ignazio, his grandson, who squanders the family fortune on legendary parties; from Giovanna, iron-willed but love-starved, to the legendary Donna Franca, idolized by kings and poets, the author draws on history with both hands, dispels the mists of time and restores the Florios’ extraordinary, contradictory and fascinating vitality.

    Emanuele Trevi

    La casa del mago

    The Magician's House

    A new novel by the winner of the Premio Strega 2021.

    A true story that becomes a novel and focuses on the most demanding of family bonds: the one between a father and a son. Like in the best game of mirrors with the author as the protagonist, the search for his father becomes a search for himself and all the lives he left behind.

    Emanuele’s father is a Jungian psychologist, a magician capable of healing wounded souls. As a child, Emanuele soon learns that in order to survive in his father’s orbit it’s best for him to be a peripheral figure. After all, his mother keeps saying “You know what he’s like” whenever she talks about his father. But Emanuele doesn’t really know and, after his father dies, very little is left of him except an apartment no one wants, where the invisible mists of the lives and sorrows he had healed, oiled and straightened still linger.

    So Emanuele decides to buy this flat and to live permanently in that atmosphere still hovering after his father’s life was cut short, because – first as a son, then as a writer – he wants to reconstruct the identity of a man who never left anything of himself in writing.

    Matteo Porru

    Il dolore crea l’inverno

    Grief Creates the Winter

    English sample available

    Elia Legasov has inherited the family business: he is a snow sweeper in a town immersed in whiteness.

    But, one day, the snow betrays him by yielding from its depths something that should have remained buried and forgotten. Elia consequently has to remember and start to question everything.

    Elia Legasov was born in a town surrounded by whiteness and has never left.

    His job is to shovel snow and clear streets along which nobody walks until the snow reveals something from its depths. Something connected to Elia’s family and all that was supposed to remain buried. From that moment on, Elia’s mind becomes crowded with memories he had suppressed: memories of a father who died many years ago and a mother who left for ever.

    This makes Elia believe what people say about his family: that the snow does not protect them but, on the contrary, puts them to the test to see if they are capable of forgetting, because everybody forgets. But the Legasovs remember, always.

    It is now Elia’s turn to remember, whatever the cost. Because grief creates the winter, only every winter is different from the one before and the one before that.

    Francesco Pecoraro

    Solo vera è l'estate

    Only the Summer is True

    36 hours in the lives of three average young people during the summer of 2001.

    In the shadow of the dreadful days of the G8 Summit in Genoa, Pecoraro portrays a generation of defeated thirty-somethings, between the fall of a political identity and the search for a place in the world.

    It is 20 July 2001 and Rome stretches under the sweltering cloak of a motionless summer. Enzo, Giacomo and Filippo are childhood friends united by an unsteady attempt at middle-class stability and their friend Biba. They are driving to the sea to spend an evening like so many others when the radio broadcasts the events of the G8 Summit in Genoa. That is precisely where Biba is: she has gone there to see what would happen and finds herself witnessing the bloody battle that involves many of her peers, mainly peaceful anti-globalisation protesters. Overwhelmed by the violence, Biba feels only fear and alienation and decides not to stay a moment longer and to return to her three friends. The following morning, they all get together possibly for the last time: Biba tells them what she saw… Nothing will ever be the same again, but nothing will truly change.

    Federica Bosco

    Volevamo prendere il cielo

    We Wanted to Take the Sky

    All her life, Linda has pretended that her first love never existed. And yet when she meets Leonardo again, she realises that your first, pure love perhaps never ends and never grows old.

    Linda remembers Leonardo, her first love, her high-school sweatheart, very well. With him she felt like a princess and was unaware of their class differences. He had a chauffeur, whereas her father had bought their car on credit.

    Only her life did not turn out like a fairy tale, she had a rude awakening and had to face a deeply hurtful stark reality. So, all she could do was pretend she had never experienced this love and that Leonardo had never existed.

    However, despite all the passing years, Linda and Leonardo meet again between Verona and Paris. They are no longer the same people they were at high school… or are they?

    Adele Chiabodo

    La rivoluzione dei piccoli gesti

    The Revolution of Small Acts

    An uplifting debut novel that cheers you up and gives practical advice on how to improve your life and rediscover the beauty in everyday occurrences and small things through the story of Ella and Durante.

    Durante is the surly owner of a café in a small district that comes alive only in the summer. Ella is the foreigner who, although accepted with suspicion, gives him an unexpected present: a notebook that is a collection of suggestions for finding happiness again through small acts and rediscovering the joys of everyday life – acts some may consider insignificant, but which Ella knows to have healing powers. Certainly, Durante seems to need to create new habits so he can see in a new light the old ones he takes for granted. Consequently, Ella gently guides him through his everyday adventures: making jam with fresh apricots, organising a brunch and watching shooting stars together on the night of San Lorenzo.

    Perhaps Durante, too, will help Ella get over her painful past…

    Francesca Sensini

    La trama di Elena

    Helen's Version

    Helen of Troy: the mythological heroine whose tale has always been told by men speaks up and reveals the story of her life.

    A reflection on what it is to carry the burden of beauty for a woman, in the past as well as in the present day.

    Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, born from a swan’s egg, is the most beautiful woman in the world, the most desired in all Greece. All the heroes of the peninsula – from Ulysses to Ajax – appear before her father to ask for her hand in marriage. But she is also the epitomy of treachery: she left her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta, and ran away with Paris, a foreigner, to live in Troy. The Trojan war, much written about in literature, broke out because of her.

    “There are many rumours about me. All kinds of contradictory things are said about me: some people think I am the worst among women, the cause of multiple damage, while others claim I am pure and innocent, splendid prey for men and a useful pawn in the hands of the gods. And then there are those who imply that it’s all wrong and that I am actually a goddess. What should you believe? What’s the truth? That’s why I’ve come from eternity to tell you about myself, firsthand.”

    Erin Doom

    Fabbricante di lacrime

    The Tearsmith aka Maker of Tears


    Full English Translation Available

    Wishing for a family. An impossible love.

    Just one certainty: you cannot lie to the ‘maker of tears’.

    Within the walls of Grave, the orphanage in which Nica has grown up, stories and legends have always been told by candlelight. The most famous one is about the tear maker, a mysterious craftsman with eyes as clear as glass, guilty of having manufactured all the fears and anxieties that dwell in people’s hearts.

    But, at the age of seventeen, the moment has come for Nica to leave all these dark childhood stories behind. Her greatest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have begun the adoption procedures and are ready to give her the family she’s always wanted. However, Nica is not alone in the new house. Rigel, a restless, mysterious orphan, is also taken out of Grave, and he’s the last person Nica would wish for an adoptive brother. Rigel is intelligent, astute, plays the piano like a bewitching demon and is mesmerisingly handsome, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark temperament. Even though Nica and Rigel share a past filled with grief and deprivation, living together seems impossible; especially when the legend comes back to haunt their lives and the maker of tears suddenly grows increasingly real and draws nearer. Even so, gentle and brave, Nica is ready to do anything in order to protect her dream, because only by facing the nightmares that torment her will she finally be able to soar freely like the butterfly after which she was named.

    Erin Doom

    Nel modo in cui cade la neve

    The Way the Snow Falls

    A heart white as snow.

    A love that rages like a blizzard.

    A precious secret to keep beyond death.

    Ivy grew up among frozen lakes and uncontaminated forests, surrounded by the snow she loves. This is why, after she is orphaned and forced to move to California, all she can think of is what she’s left behind. Canada and its land are a deep loss. Its mountains contain the past to which the girl is so attached, and that, unbeknown to her, makes her the carrier of a dangerous secret.

    The only family she has left is that of John, her kind godfather. It’s not long before she realises that John’s son, Mason, is no longer the toothless little boy whose picture she saw as a child. He is now grown up, with the sharp eyes of a wild animal and a face like a lair of shadows. And the first time he smiles at her, menacing, curving his perfect lips, Ivy realises that living with him will be harder than she expected. Indeed, Mason doesn’t want her there and does nothing to conceal it.

    As Ivy tries to keep her head above the violent waves of her new life by the ocean, Canada and its mysteries never cease to torment her while she does everything it takes to enable her heart, white as snow, to blossom once more, overcoming the winter cold.

    Erin Doom


    English synopsis available

    Erin Doom, a writer who has sold 800,000 copies!

    Alone and penniless, Mireya moves to cold Philadelphia, no longer believing in miracles. However, she changes her mind when she steps into the quirky, lavish Milagro Club, where she becomes bound to the detestable, charming Andras, head of security, by a golden thread stronger than fate itself.

    Quirky and lavish, the Milagro Club is a place that can bewitch anyone who walks into it, including Mireya. Obstinate like someone with nothing to lose, the young woman gets herself hired as a bartender. The Milagro, however, is more than an exclusive nightclub. Behind its closed doors, beyond the sequins and stage lights, destinies and secrets are intertwined. The darkest ones are all gathered in the rugged, charming face of Andras, the head of security. Between Mireya and Andras, it’s hatred at first sight. Both carry on their skins the same marks, the brand of those who have had to learn to fight in order to survive. And yet they keep bumping into each other, as though attracted by a mysterious force they neither know nor are able to oppose, bound by a golden thread that is stronger than destiny.

    Carrie Leighton

    Better. Collisione

    Better. Collision

    English synopsis available

    “I pictured a love as delicate as the sound of a symphony, as light as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. I was wrong. From the first moment he touched me, love has been the off-key tune of an electric guitar. The curse of a soul on a collision course.”


    A new voice in the dark romance genre, that draws on the tradition of this genre in order to present strong themes that hinge on unavowable secrets and passions, and two complex, tormented characters.

    Vanessa is a second-year college student who has an innate love of books and the rain, and has an enduring bond with her best friends. After her parents get divorced, she meets Travis, a young man she hopes will help her recover her long-lost peace of mind. For two years it seems that nothing can dent their tempestuous love affair – at least not until Vanessa comes across the conceited arrogance of Thomas: a self-confident, hostile young man who is both a victim and an aggressor with a tormented past and a dreadful secret that has doomed him to unhappiness. Thomas and Vanessa’s lives, so different and yet so alike, interlock, leading to a both passionate and painful relationship made up of yearning, rows, secrets and obstacles. And when everything seems to take a turn for the better, an unexpected presence upsets everything.

    Carrie Leighton

    Better. Dannazione

    Better. Damnation

    English synopsis available

    Loving each other has never been easy for Thomas and Vanessa. While the young man is trapped in a spiral of self-destruction, Vanessa starts seeing Logan again: he has never  accepted the end of their relationship. Can there be a happy ending for two hearts on a collision course?

    Loving each other has never been easy for Thomas and Vanessa. Their relationship is fuelled by passionate nights and fierce jealousy, romantic sparks and seemingly insuperable misunderstandings. After nearly losing each other, however, things appear to be going in the right direction. For the first time, Thomas confides in Vanessa the traumas in his past that have turned him into a broken soul incapable of bonding with anyone. Still, not even this rekindled closeness seems sufficient, since his gripping distress is too deep. While Thomas is trapped in a spiral of self-destruction, Vanessa and Logan start seeing each other again. The young man has never accepted the end of their relationship and is ready to provide the support she deserves. Can there be a happy ending for two hearts on a collision course?

    Carrie Leighton

    Better. Ossessione

    Better. Obsession

    The final chapter in the spicy romance trilogy with 160,00 copies sold.

    The flawed love story between Vanessa and Thomas has reached the final stop: rows and reconciliations, betrayal and lies have now divided them. But can something that is broken be mended?

    When, after a time apart, Vanessa returns to Corvallis, she harbours a deep resentment towards the man who broke her heart. Meanwhile, Thomas has straightened himself out, but the anger they both feel triggers another war made up of clashes and provocations. The attraction that binds them still smoulders like fire under the ashes and needs only a spark to flare up again. However, Logan, a by now permanent presence at Vanessa’s side, stands between them. He is a good man, ready to take care of her and is everything Thomas cannot be. Or is he? Perhaps Thomas is right in always warning her against him. They try to piece their relationship back together bit by bit, facing many challenges until Vanessa and Thomas are certain that their love is going to last and that, despite their difficulties and flaws, they cannot live without each other.




    English synopsis and sample available

    Four young people familiar with suffering.

    An experiment to heal them.

    A dark romance that addresses gently – and with an awareness of mental illness – self-harm, anorexia and PTSD, all important issues for Generation Z.

    Sia Carillo is an intrusive, anticonformist young woman, and the bitter enemy of Derek Hill, a frosty prince with a dark secret that makes him wary and distant. The hatred between them has no limits, but conceals infinite attraction. Olivia Leed has lost her voice because of a ghost that prevents her from breathing, but Edgar Chen reminds her of the beauty in small things. Untidy, self-deprecating and far too clumsy, Edgar lives between panic attacks and bursts of anger that express remorse and feelings of guilt.

    What these four young people have in common is a traumatic past that has left deep marks on their psyche. Brought together by an unorthodox woman doctor, they must cooperate in order to build a future in the world of journalism, working for a prestigious media company. Through a series of increasingly demanding challenges, their friendship is instrumental in the processing of their pain.

    Rita Nardi

    Il narratore di storie

    The Storyteller

    Trinity’s monotonous life is turned upside down by the arrival of Acher. Cohabitation seems impossible: she is a tempest, while he is calm. However, their encounter becomes the key to fighting, each in his or her own way, the grief they carry inside them and finding in each other a way to overcome their suffering.

    The teenager Trinity leads a monotonous life in Seafolk. Nothing has been the same since her father’s death. Her father, who would read her stories under their dream catcher and then wish her goodnight, telling her over and over again to dream big. Consequently, she is upset when her mother decides to host in their home – and in particular in her father’s study – Acher Morris, the son of her best friend with the falsely polite smile. Trinity wishes he would get out of her life and home, but he responds to her sharp words and anger only with irritating silence. He is the only person not to be afraid of the wall she has erected between herself and the rest of the world, to understand her grief and always know where to find her. They discover that they complement each other and, although they are alone, they are two against the world.

    Valentina Ferraro

    Wings. Red Oak Manor I


    There is a reality Jace Lowell Campbell must consider once again: her one weak spot, Lily-Rose June cannot leave the Red Oak Manor Orphanage, where she grew up. And he cannot stay there…

    Lily-Rose June was born and raised amid the damp, grey walls of Red Oak Manor. She spends her days studying, often insulted by the rich kids who enjoy humiliating her, and the chores she must carry out under the careful supervision of Miss Price, the orphanage head teacher. And yet on one bleak Sunday like so many others, her routine is turned upside down by the return of the blue-eyed boy who made her heart beat for the first time: Jace Lowell Campbell, who must do his penance in Red Oak Manor. It is a shame that his true punishment is to keep away from June, who has always been his weak spot. Dropping his guard now would be fatal, because there is a fact Jace must take once more into account: June cannot leave Red Oak Manor. And he cannot stay there…

    Marilena Barbagallo



    Arya and Dylan grew up together at the Red Oak Manor orphanage, but she has now become an actress who has everything, while Dylan is a criminal who has nothing to offer her except his heart.

    A dark romance that brings together passion, torment and tenderness.

    Dylan does not know when he was born. As a baby, he was abandoned outside the gate of the orphanage where he grew up. The only colour he sees is the grey of the Red Oak Manor walls, but there was a time when a young girl managed to make him happy. Just one look and he was bound to her for ever. Even though he knew that it was love, he gave the worst of himself with anger and jealousy and ended up letting her go for ever. Some feelings, however, are destined never to fade. Arya Torres, now a successful actress is well aware of Dylan’s torment. He cannot bear to see her in the magazines and those damned films, and she can’t stand not hearing from him. The day they bump into each other at a Los Angeles party, nothing seems to have changed. Arya still feels the need to be Dylan’s butterfly and he longs to catch her in his web…

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