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Cover Story

Cover Story

Francesca Giannone

La portalettere

The Letter Carrier

2023 Bancarella Prize Winner – Prize awarded by booksellers.

Nine months in the top ten charts!
190,000 copies sold!



English Sample Available

Anna Allavena, Letter Carrier: the extraordinary story of an ordinary woman who moves from Northern Italy to the South and becomes the first postwoman in a village in the Salento region.

A riveting story about female courage and emancipation, as well as about two inseparable brothers destined to love the same woman.

Salento, June 1934. A coach stops in the main square of Lizzanello, a village with only a few souls. A couple get off: the man, Carlo, a child of the South, is happy to be back home; the woman, Anna – his wife – is from the North. She is as beautiful as a Greek statue, but sad and worried: what kind of life awaits her in this unfamiliar land?

In the eyes of the villagers, Anna never ceases to be “the foreigner” who doesn’t attend church, doesn’t wander around the village and doesn’t gossip. Proud and prickly, Anna never yields to the customs of Southern women: not only does she take the postal services public exam, but actually passes it and becomes the first postwoman in the village, or rather the first “letter carrier”, as she wants to be called.

For over twenty years, Anna is the invisible thread that brings the village residents and their stories together. First on foot, then by bicycle, proud in her navy blue cap and uniform, Anna delivers letters from the young men at the front, postcards from emigrants and missives from secret lovers. Without meaning to – and above all without the villagers wanting it – the letter carrier changes many things in Lizzanello.


Carrie Leighton

Better. Ossessione

Better. Obsession

The final chapter in the spicy romance trilogy with 180,00 copies sold.

The flawed love story between Vanessa and Thomas has reached the final stop: rows and reconciliations, betrayal and lies have now divided them. But can something that is broken be mended?

When, after a time apart, Vanessa returns to Corvallis, she harbours a deep resentment towards the man who broke her heart. Meanwhile, Thomas has straightened himself out, but the anger they both feel triggers another war made up of clashes and provocations. The attraction that binds them still smoulders like fire under the ashes and needs only a spark to flare up again. However, Logan, a by now permanent presence at Vanessa’s side, stands between them. He is a good man, ready to take care of her and is everything Thomas cannot be. Or is he? Perhaps Thomas is right in always warning her against him. They try to piece their relationship back together bit by bit, facing many challenges until Vanessa and Thomas are certain that their love is going to last and that, despite their difficulties and flaws, they cannot live without each other.




over 50.000 copies sold!

English synopsis and sample available

Four young people familiar with suffering.

An experiment to heal them.

A dark romance that addresses gently – and with an awareness of mental illness – self-harm, anorexia and PTSD, all important issues for Generation Z.

Sia Carillo is an intrusive, anticonformist young woman, and the bitter enemy of Derek Hill, a frosty prince with a dark secret that makes him wary and distant. The hatred between them has no limits, but conceals infinite attraction. Olivia Leed has lost her voice because of a ghost that prevents her from breathing, but Edgar Chen reminds her of the beauty in small things. Untidy, self-deprecating and far too clumsy, Edgar lives between panic attacks and bursts of anger that express remorse and feelings of guilt.

What these four young people have in common is a traumatic past that has left deep marks on their psyche. Brought together by an unorthodox woman doctor, they must cooperate in order to build a future in the world of journalism, working for a prestigious media company. Through a series of increasingly demanding challenges, their friendship is instrumental in the processing of their pain.

Emanuele Trevi

La casa del mago

The Magician's House

A new novel by the winner of the Premio Strega 2021.

A true story that becomes a novel and focuses on the most demanding of family bonds: the one between a father and a son. Like in the best game of mirrors with the author as the protagonist, the search for his father becomes a search for himself and all the lives he left behind.

Emanuele’s father is a Jungian psychologist, a magician capable of healing wounded souls. As a child, Emanuele soon learns that in order to survive in his father’s orbit it’s best for him to be a peripheral figure. After all, his mother keeps saying “You know what he’s like” whenever she talks about his father. But Emanuele doesn’t really know and, after his father dies, very little is left of him except an apartment no one wants, where the invisible mists of the lives and sorrows he had healed, oiled and straightened still linger.

So Emanuele decides to buy this flat and to live permanently in that atmosphere still hovering after his father’s life was cut short, because – first as a son, then as a writer – he wants to reconstruct the identity of a man who never left anything of himself in writing.

Salvatore Giannella

Michele Ferrero

#1 Overall Best Seller List!

The first biography of the inventor of Nutella, a symbol of Italian excellence.

The life and insights of a tenacious, creative man who turned a patisserie in Alba into a borderless empire: the story – never previously told – of Michele Ferrero, to celebrate one of the most important entrepreneurs in Italian history, who never granted interviews.

Brilliant insights, a worldwide vision, the ability to listen to others. Great attention to the quality of his products, to consumers’ demands, to the wellbeing of his staff. Love for his family and his land. Deep reserve and humility. Genuine concern for human values and social responsibility. Michele Ferrero, the father of Nutella and dozens of other treats loved in every corner of the planet, was not just one of Italy’s greatest entrepreneurs, but the creator of a way of doing business that focussed on people, following the motto “work, create, give”. He learnt the basic craft from his father Pietro and a sense of the company from his mother Piera: in the 1940s, they managed to turn a patisserie in Alba into a factory. Taking over from his father, who died prematurely in 1949, he expanded the company –with his wife Maria Franca’s constant support – in a most impressive way. The Ferrero brand went beyond Italy and became, year after year, one of the largest and most valued companies on the international stage. A true legend.

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