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Cover Story

Cover Story

Erin Doom

Fabbricante di lacrime

The Maker of Tears

Top Ten Bestseller List


Watty Award winner

Wishing for a family. An impossible love.

Just one certainty: you cannot lie to the ‘maker of tears’.

Within the walls of Grave, the orphanage in which Nica has grown up, stories and legends have always been told by candlelight. The most famous one is about the tear maker, a mysterious craftsman with eyes as clear as glass, guilty of having manufactured all the fears and anxieties that dwell in people’s hearts.

But, at the age of seventeen, the moment has come for Nica to leave all these dark childhood stories behind. Her greatest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have begun the adoption procedures and are ready to give her the family she’s always wanted. However, Nica is not alone in the new house. Rigel, a restless, mysterious orphan, is also taken out of Grave, and he’s the last person Nica would wish for an adoptive brother. Rigel is intelligent, astute, plays the piano like a bewitching demon and is mesmerisingly handsome, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark temperament. Even though Nica and Rigel share a past filled with grief and deprivation, living together seems impossible; especially when the legend comes back to haunt their lives and the maker of tears suddenly grows increasingly real and draws nearer. Even so, gentle and brave, Nica is ready to do anything in order to protect her dream, because only by facing the nightmares that torment her will she finally be able to soar freely like the butterfly after which she was named.


Stefania Auci

L'inverno dei Leoni

The Lions' Winter


over 270,000 copies sold

L’inverno dei leoni is at the top of the charts as one the first ten most sold books between January and 19 September, as stated by the Italian publishers’ association (AIE).



The second and concluding part of the saga, which reveals in full the myth of the Florios, making us relive an era, a world and a destiny that has no equal.

The Florios, the Lions of Sicily, have won. Gone are the days of the modest putìa in central Palermo, the sacks of spices, of Paolo and Ignazio, who went there to escape poverty, with determination as their only wealth. Now, they own buildings and factories, ships and tonnaras, silks and jewels. Now, the entire city looks up to them, honours them and fears them. And young Ignazio fears no one. The destiny of Casa Florio has been his destiny since birth, it runs through his veins and drives him beyond Sicily, to Rome and political intrigues, to Europe and its courts, to the naval dominion of the Mediterranean, to buying the entire Aegadian Islands archipelago. Ignazio has a dazzling empire but a heart of ice, because, for the glory of Casa Florio, he had to give up the love that would have capsized his destiny. A love whose shadow never leaves him, even to the very end…

His son, Ignazziddu, on the other hand, is afraid when, at just over the age of twenty, he inherits all his father has built. He’s afraid because he doesn’t want to be enslaved to a name, to sacrifice himself on the family altar. He does his best, however, facing a world that’s changing too fast, shaken by new, violent and uncontrollable powers. He does his best but realises that having Florio blood isn’t enough to stand out. He needs something more, something his grandfather and his father had but which he lacks. But where, how has he gone wrong?

The Florios win everything, then lose everything. And yet this is only a part of their extraordinary story. Because this father and son, so different, so remote, have at their sides two women who are also very different and yet both exceptional: Giovanna, Ignazio’s wife, hard and fragile like crystal, filled with passion but starved of love, and Franca, Ignazziddu’s wife, the most beautiful woman in Europe, whose gilded life is shattered by the blows of a cruel fate.

It is these two women who trace the true trajectory – exciting and dreadful, glorious and tragic – of a family who, for a long instant, lit up the world. It is they who will make us understand why, after so many years, the Florios live on, unique and unforgettable, as the heartbeat of an island and of a city.

Stefania Maurizi

Il potere segreto

The Secret Power



Preface by Ken Loach

English Synopsis Available

The whole story of Julian Assange, from the sensational WikiLeaks case, because of which he lost his freedom, to the torture endured in the maximum-security British prison where he is being held. A ten-year-old story told by a journalist who has been close to him from the start, as well as an exposé of the secret power that rules over our democracies.

In a cell in one of the United Kingdom’s most infamous maximum-security jails, Belmarsh prison in London, a man fights the planet’s most powerful institutions, which have been trying to destroy him for over ten years. His name is Julian Assange. Some people are even asking for a death sentence for him, for having broken the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917, which forbade the broadcasting of classified information during World War I. As far as the least visible but most pervasive powers are concerned, Julian Assange is one of the worst criminals alive. He should be punished in the most brutal of ways.

The author first got in touch with him in late July 2009, when his organisation contacted her in the middle of the night: they had a document about Italy and needed a journalist to help them check its authenticity and public interest. From that moment on, they worked together, they for WikiLeaks and she for various press outlets – l’Espresso and La Repubblica at first, now Il Fatto Quotidiano – and published millions of secret documents. She has travelled the world with an encrypted computer and phones; she was robbed in Rome, where very important documents on encrypted memory sticks vanished into thin air; she’s been repeatedly followed abroad; she was spied on at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. And yet despite all that, nobody has ever locked her up in a jail or even questioned her. In these ten years, she has never had to pay the high price Julian Assange is paying: since publishing the secret documents, he has never again been free.

Some of the most famous international investigative journalists and numerous human rights organisations have spoken out in Julian Assange’s defence, and even the Council of Europe and the United Nations have expressed concern and indignation at the crime of torture. The trial in London strongly mobilised public opinion.

Tommaso Ghidini

Homo Caelestis

Homo caelestis – The Incredible Story of How We Will Be

An extraordinary new voice in science popularization.

A high-ranking official of the European Space Agency guides us through a spellbinding reflection on the relationship humans of the new millennium have and increasingly will have with the cosmos in which we live: the Sapiens sapiens is ready to become the Homo caelestis.

English sample available

The human being of the new millennium will install a station on the Moon, go to Mars and engineer it, launch interplanetary flights and cross the frontier that separates us from deep space. This is something Tommaso Ghidini knows well, since he’s only ever had one dream: to fly. He has turned his passion into a career. Consequently, with visionary lucidity, exceptional passion and total competence, he is able to lead us through the entire arc of a human being’s life, telling us about the deep rapport of attraction and challenge that has always bound man and space. While touching on the most fascinating mysteries of the Universe, his exploration projects us into a future that is now practically within our reach.

Giuseppe Festa

Una trappola d'aria

An Air Trap

An intense thriller that gets your adrenaline pumping: in a fascinating, atmospheric Nordic setting, a ruthless, unstoppable serial killer is on the loose, forcing former police inspector Marcus Morgen – a man damaged in body and soul – and young Italian researcher Valentina Santi to confront their past. 

Nature cannot avenge herself, but someone else can do it for her…


English Sample Available 

Lofoten, Norway, 1995. Marcus Morgen is holding a gun. He has decided that it’s time to end it all. He’s lost everything: the love of his life, his leg and the job he loved: police inspector in the Oslo crime squad. In this remote, far-northern archipelago, among ancient mountains and arctic fjords, Marcus has nothing left worth living for, for even just another day. He’s about to pull the trigger. But at that very moment, Ailo, a friend and colleague, bursts into his house: there’s been a murder. Marcus’s brilliant mind takes off again: his intuition tells him that this may not be a one-off incident. As a matter of fact, a ruthless serial killer starts to sow panic among the residents of these islands, guilty of abusing nature. This man conceives sadistic crimes that resemble those committed by the victims – an elusive man who seems at one with untamed nature. In order to stop him, Marcus needs someone who knows these locations like the back of her hand: Valentina Santi, an Italian scientist and expert in marine animals who is in Lofoten to study whales. But to put an end to this bloody trail, it’s not enough just to follow clues. Marcus and Valentina must confront their own past and, above all, that of a killer who was himself also a victim, someone destined for evil.

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