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Cover Story

Cover Story

Rula Jebreal

Il cambiamento che meritiamo

The Change We Deserve

An intense, heartfelt pamphlet that speaks out against the intolerable state of inequality which even in the present day, in the new millennium, keeps millions of women in the world hostage.

A call: men and women, let’s rise together and oppose violence against women. Only by being united can we truly change things.

We are immersed in the turbulence of a terrible crisis which can, however – if we act decisively – lead to an important turning point, to the lasting change so many of us are hoping for. Currently, in the world, one woman out of three is the victim of abuse and over a hundred women are killed every day by men who claim to love them. We must intervene before this tsunami of violence can also destabilise, with physical and psychological consequences, future generations, since violence has an effect on the whole family and entire communities. That’s something Rula Jebreal knows well. Stifled by silence for many years, she is using this book to give voice to the story of her mother Nadia, a victim of male brutality, and to many stories and testimonials of other brave women who survived, ready to rise again – women who are not afraid to fight. They are united by the perpetual injustice that’s been carried out from the dawn of time and still doesn’t appear to subside.


We women are the threads that holds the weave together and stops the fabric from coming apart. Acting for the wellbeing of women means acting for the wellbeing of the entire community and society. Women and men together, we must take on the responsibility of a part in this fight if we want to build a future worthy of the hopes of our daughters and our sons.


Irene Borgna

Cieli neri

Black Skies – A Journey in Search of the Stolen Night

Two travellers, a camper van, Europe at its darkest: a crossing from the Maritime Alps to the North Sea in search of what’s left of the night on the continent most affected by artificial light pollution.

We can all understand what the word “night” means, even if we might never have experienced it. The night, when nothing is lit and the stars have the power to pierce through the black quilt of the sky. Those who live in the Western world, particularly in large cities, have seldom been immersed in a true night. Electricity, a great invention that has opened the gates to thousands of new experiences, has inexorably absorbed all the darkness, preventing us from experiencing the other side of daytime, with all its gifts: stars, the Milky Way, the sleep/waking rhythm and the poetry of the darkness.

Irene Borgna went in search of places that are untouched by light pollution in order to reclaim the night, discover what polluting it means, then tell us about the economic, anthropological, social, poetic and symbolic aspects of light pollution.

Sebastiano Mauri

La Nuova Terra

The New Land

A chance trip to the Amazon rainforest and a revelation through a ritual with a medicinal plant, the ayahuasca. A sharp, biting journey towards maturity, one that turns into an earnest universal appeal to respect the world in which we live.

Persuaded by his cousin Nur, to whom he’s never been able to say no, Leone arrives in the heart of the Amazon. Soon, he is hurled into a world outside time, where people are healed with ceremonies where they take ayahuasca, a psychoactive decoction that has many therapeutic properties. Through psychedelic mental journeys, visions inside his own body and thanks to enlightening conversations with the ayahuasca‘s all-too-human voice, Leone embarks on the hardest battle there is: the one against himself and the demons he’s been fighting all his life. The lessons he receives make him question everything: his work as a television writer, a stagnant relationship, an identity built around toxic masculinity and the very values of a society that chooses to keep blindly heading towards self-destruction despite a heralded climate disaster. Leone’s is an involuntary shamanic journey that is both reluctant and – despite himself – often funny. He hits rock bottom before getting back up again, but the courage of looking reality in the face may teach him to live in harmony with his own nature and Nature.

Maria Grazia Calandrone

Splendi come vita

As Radiant as Life Itself

Longlisted 2021 Strega Prize

Literary sensation

3 editions in 2 months

A story of tormented love between an adoptive mother and her daughter.

One of Italy’s best-loved women poets tells the story of her own childhood, when she was abandoned, and that of her even harder, tormented relationship with her adoptive mother – a crucial figure in this tale and enquiry into love.

A well-known news item that featured for weeks on the front pages of Italian newspapers in the 1960s marks the beginning of Maria Grazia Calandrone’s story. In 1965, an eight-month-old baby was found in the middle of the Villa Borghese park in Rome. In the days that followed, the sad circumstances surrounding her abandonment were discovered. Her mother, who’d been unfaithful to her husband, and the baby’s father had committed suicide by throwing themselves into the Tiber. After less than a month in an orphanage, the little girl was adopted by Giacomo Calandrone, the then leader of the Italian Communist Party, and his wife, who was a teacher.

The author opts for the first time for fiction to tell us the most difficult story of her life: not about being abandoned but about her rapport with her adoptive mother: a loving but also oppressive and cruel relationship.

Annamaria Guadagni

La leggenda di Elena Ferrante

The Legend of Elena Ferrante

An audacious report on the hidden sources of the literary legend. This report does not reveal the true identity of the bestselling author about whom there have been many theories over the years, but is a story that incorporates and reworks details – some authentic, others imaginary – that make Elena Ferrante an event that stands out.

English sample available

A journey to the hidden sources of a literary legend that begins with Naples and the sounds, colours and reflections of a specific world and era: in the famous district at the back of the railway station in the 1950s. In following the echoes of this world, like the sound of the sea in a shell, Guadagni – a writer and journalist – explores the places, voices and lives that came together in the bestelling Quartet of My Brilliant Friend, walks through the council estates, the frightening tunnel that leads to the sea and the derelict industrial warehouses, and paints a gallery of great women who, by writing, working and fighting, formed the Italian 20th century.

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