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Cover Story

Cover Story

Stefania Maurizi

Il potere segreto

The Secret Power



Preface by Ken Loach

The whole story of Julian Assange, from the sensational WikiLeaks case, because of which he lost his freedom, to the torture endured in the maximum-security British prison where he is being held. A ten-year-old story told by a journalist who has been close to him from the start, as well as an exposé of the secret power that rules over our democracies.

In a cell in one of the United Kingdom’s most infamous maximum-security jails, Belmarsh prison in London, a man fights the planet’s most powerful institutions, which have been trying to destroy him for over ten years. His name is Julian Assange. Some people are even asking for a death sentence for him, for having broken the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917, which forbade the broadcasting of classified information during World War I. As far as the least visible but most pervasive powers are concerned, Julian Assange is one of the worst criminals alive. He should be punished in the most brutal of ways.

The author first got in touch with him in late July 2009, when his organisation contacted her in the middle of the night: they had a document about Italy and needed a journalist to help them check its authenticity and public interest. From that moment on, they worked together, they for WikiLeaks and she for various press outlets – l’Espresso and La Repubblica at first, now Il Fatto Quotidiano – and published millions of secret documents. She has travelled the world with an encrypted computer and phones; she was robbed in Rome, where very important documents on encrypted memory sticks vanished into thin air; she’s been repeatedly followed abroad; she was spied on at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. And yet despite all that, nobody has ever locked her up in a jail or even questioned her. In these ten years, she has never had to pay the high price Julian Assange is paying: since publishing the secret documents, he has never again been free.

Some of the most famous international investigative journalists and numerous human rights organisations have spoken out in Julian Assange’s defence, and even the Council of Europe and the United Nations have expressed concern and indignation at the crime of torture. The trial in London strongly mobilised public opinion.


Lisa Ginzburg

Cara pace

Dear Peace

Longlisted Strega Prize 2021

over 25,000 copies sold

A happy family. An imploding couple. Two sisters, a mother who leaves.

An unbreakable bond that helps overcome pain.

An intimate, feminine novel brimming with light.

French sample available

Maddalena, the elder, is shy, serious and reserved. Nina, only slightly younger, is attractive, unpredictable, charming, difficult and a prisoner of her own egocentricity. The two sisters built their childhood and adolescence around a deep void, an absence that’s hard to accept. Even now, after many years, they try to fill it with running, long walks, volleys of words and WhatsApp messages which, from Paris to New York, always end up taking them back to Rome, to a house with a terrace overlooking Villa Pamphili, where their strange, symbiotic and wild life took shape. It’s to Rome that Maddi, forever huddled in her shell, decides to return, fleeing the roles that, first her sister, then her family, have imposed on her. Alone at last with herself and her memories, she drops her defences and, as she relives the locations of the past, swaps parts and opens up to life’s surprises.

A story of love and abandonment which, like all life stories, presents only questions without answers. Moreover, it uses the happy yardstick of literature to measure the distance between the original injury and the peace always and only experienced in maturity.

Micaela Miljian Savoldelli

Se due che come noi

The likes of us two


An uplifting and inspirational novel about travel, love and courage.

Se due che come noi is an autobiographical novel, a tale of love and rebirth to the ends of the earth.

 An ode to the courage of changing one’s life even when it seems impossible.

The novel, inspired by the author’s life, is the love story between Selvaggia and Jules, from the evening when they first meet in Florence to their relocation to Paris where they face the ghosts of their past, the difficulties of adult life, their formation as human beings and in particular as parents. When they think they’ve succeeded, however, a traumatic experience propels them back into the past and they are once again in Florence, a city they want to escape from. That’s when they decide to follow their instinct and embark on a journey with a one-way ticket and start to lead a reckless life while travelling around the world, first with two children, then three.

From Seoul to Las Vegas, from California to India, from the frangrance-filled East to the bright colours of Guatemala, the two young people learn to build a future, to support themselves financially and to watch their family grow. Moreover, they tackle not only the challenges of everyday life but also the diversity of a thousand places and a thousand nations without ever losing their passion for discovery or their inquisitiveness. A novel full of laughter, tears, colours, kilometres and dust – in other words it is an ode to life, courage, freedom and the power of love.

Valter D. Longo

Il cancro a digiuno

Fasting for Cancer

A revolutionary guide to preventing and treating tumours: from everyday food to exercise for preventing the disease, to practical advice about nutrition and fasting in order to fight various types of cancer.

Thanks to Dieta della longevità [The Longevity Diet] – 8 editions and 300,000 copies soldwe know that the main illnesses of adulthood are linked to ageing and Valter Longo, one of the world’s principal experts on the connection between nutrition, longevity and health, has shown us that an appropriate strategy based on a specific nutrition and exercise programme is at the root of a better quality of life.

A book that will change the standard approach to the treatment of tumours for ever: thanks to years of research and experimenting in the world’s most prestigious oncology departments, through screening and programmes devoted to various types of tumour, it is now possible to prove that fasting is a very powerful ally in the fight against cancers.

The research and trials carried out in the past few years show the limited efficacy of standard as well as alternative therapies: Valter Longo explores their weaknesses and the possible combinations, from the role of nutrition and fasting through genetic impact on longevity and cellular rejuvenation to the application of fasting protocols to all types of tumours.

Stefania Auci

L'inverno dei Leoni

The Lions' Winter


over 200,000 copies sold

The second and concluding part of the saga, which reveals in full the myth of the Florios, making us relive an era, a world and a destiny that has no equal.

The Florios, the Lions of Sicily, have won. Gone are the days of the modest putìa in central Palermo, the sacks of spices, of Paolo and Ignazio, who went there to escape poverty, with determination as their only wealth. Now, they own buildings and factories, ships and tonnaras, silks and jewels. Now, the entire city looks up to them, honours them and fears them. And young Ignazio fears no one. The destiny of Casa Florio has been his destiny since birth, it runs through his veins and drives him beyond Sicily, to Rome and political intrigues, to Europe and its courts, to the naval dominion of the Mediterranean, to buying the entire Aegadian Islands archipelago. Ignazio has a dazzling empire but a heart of ice, because, for the glory of Casa Florio, he had to give up the love that would have capsized his destiny. A love whose shadow never leaves him, even to the very end…

His son, Ignazziddu, on the other hand, is afraid when, at just over the age of twenty, he inherits all his father has built. He’s afraid because he doesn’t want to be enslaved to a name, to sacrifice himself on the family altar. He does his best, however, facing a world that’s changing too fast, shaken by new, violent and uncontrollable powers. He does his best but realises that having Florio blood isn’t enough to stand out. He needs something more, something his grandfather and his father had but which he lacks. But where, how has he gone wrong?

The Florios win everything, then lose everything. And yet this is only a part of their extraordinary story. Because this father and son, so different, so remote, have at their sides two women who are also very different and yet both exceptional: Giovanna, Ignazio’s wife, hard and fragile like crystal, filled with passion but starved of love, and Franca, Ignazziddu’s wife, the most beautiful woman in Europe, whose gilded life is shattered by the blows of a cruel fate.

It is these two women who trace the true trajectory – exciting and dreadful, glorious and tragic – of a family who, for a long instant, lit up the world. It is they who will make us understand why, after so many years, the Florios live on, unique and unforgettable, as the heartbeat of an island and of a city.

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