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Cover Story

Cover Story

Tommaso Scotti

L'ombrello dell'imperatore

The Emperor's Umbrella

Debuted #18 in the Italian charts!

A crime novel set in an unusual environment, in Japan, where a mixed-race detective investigates a singular murder with just one clue that incriminates the only person in the world he can neither question nor arrest: the Emperor.

A compelling debut novel that contains the beauty and elusiveness typical of an ancient culture, while not shying away from its deepest flaws.

When faced with a murder victim killed with an ordinary, transparent plastic umbrella, like the hundreds seen in the streets of Tokyo on rainy days, Chief Inspector Takeshi Nishida has little prospect of solving the case. Both the victim and the murder weapon are too anonymous. It is therefore with little hope that he has the object examined for any relevant fingerprints. The test results are, however, beyond the imaginable. There is a clear, well-defined fingerprint. It belongs to the Emperor of Japan.  And so what seemed like a run-of-the-mill murder suddenly turns into a very delicate, complex conundrum. One, by one, Chief Inspector Nishida must identify all the fleeting owners of this umbrella, hunting for an answer that is as hoped for as it is dreaded.


Massimo Gramellini

C'era una volta adesso

Once Upon a Time There Was Now

over 80,000 copies sold in 1 month

#4 Bestseller List!

Mattia is eight years old in Spring 2020, when the world shuts itself at home because of a virus. In the distant future when he is telling this story, his perspective becomes once again that of a child as he recalls the salient moments of that epoch-making lockdown, remembering what it meant for his family.

An intense, empathic story set during the latest months.

Andrei, Mattia’s dad, comes to Milan because the following day, 10 March, he and Mattia’s mum are getting divorced. It’s a shame that the evening news on television informs him and his family that not only the courts but the entire country are going to be closed. Instead of running away to his new girlfriend in Rome, Andrei decides to stay in Milan so he can be closer to his son. However, Mattia wants none of this father who abandoned him when he was three years old; as a matter of fact, he hates him. In spite of himself, the boy starts living in the microcosm of his everyday life turned upside down, with school downsized to a computer, neighbours singing from their balconies and a father he hates locked in with him. Among mysteries to be solved and surprises around the corner, the lockdown becomes for Mattia partly an opportunity to take a close look at things and realise that perhaps growing up also means trusting other people, even your worst enemies.

Ilaria Tuti

Fiore di roccia

Flower of the Rocks

over 100,000 copies sold – 9 editions

Debuted at #7 on the general charts list

A writer who has sold over 320,000 copies in Italy listed among the best debut authors by The Times

A novel about an important, long-forgotten chapter of history. The story of Le Portatrici (Bearers), women of all ages who, during the First World War, in the theatre of war in Carnia, in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli, were called upon to help the men in the trenches by carrying up food supplies and ammunition first, then dead bodies down the mountain.

English sample available

The theatre of war of the Carnia region is a series of sharp peaks, defence lines isolated on the summits and thousands of young men driven to exhaustion. The command turns to the local population with a desperate plea for anyone to help them. The women from the neighbouring valleys respond to the appeal. Women of all ages, from thirteen to sixty, accustomed to hard work, and who, for centuries, have carried heavy wicker baskets on their backs, but are also used to a life of hardship that has forged resilient spirits and minds with exceptional moral fibre. Among them, there is brave Agata, who would sooner eat cheese crusts than deprive her invalid father of even just a soup made of herbs. There is the exuberant Viola, who, for the love of an Alpino artillery man, carries forty-two kilos’ worth of projectiles on her back. There is Lucia, a mother of four with quiet strength, the point of reference for everybody else. They are friends, companions. They know these mountains better than anyone else and are the protagonists of this novel. A story of women, of hard work, of compassion, and of hope.

Irene Borgna

Cieli neri

Black Skies – A Journey in Search of the Stolen Night

Two travellers, a camper van, Europe at its darkest: a crossing from the Maritime Alps to the North Sea in search of what’s left of the night on the continent most affected by artificial light pollution.

We can all understand what the word “night” means, even if we might never have experienced it. The night, when nothing is lit and the stars have the power to pierce through the black quilt of the sky. Those who live in the Western world, particularly in large cities, have seldom been immersed in a true night. Electricity, a great invention that has opened the gates to thousands of new experiences, has inexorably absorbed all the darkness, preventing us from experiencing the other side of daytime, with all its gifts: stars, the Milky Way, the sleep/waking rhythm and the poetry of the darkness.

Irene Borgna went in search of places that are untouched by light pollution in order to reclaim the night, discover what polluting it means, then tell us about the economic, anthropological, social, poetic and symbolic aspects of light pollution.

Gianluca Antoni

Io non ti lascio solo

I Won't Leave You Alone

Two little boys, a great friendship, a secret kept for over thirty years.

 A tale that combines a coming-of-age novel and a detective story. It tells with the kind of delicacy and charm only fairy-tales have of the relationship between parents and children, grief and loss, but also of the force and tenacity destined to survive over time. Until the final, unsettling and overwhelming coup de théâtre.

Just as he is about to retire from the force, Marshal De Benedettis makes a discovery destined to disturb his peace of mind. Two dusty diaries surface from the the cellar of the old house of Guelfo Tabacci – a cantankerous mountain dweller  and suspect in the case of his son’s disappearance, thirty years earlier. They were written by Filo e Rullo, two little boys who, during a summer, a long time ago, went searching for their beloved dog, Birillo, and so reached Guelfo’s mountain hut. And there, the children discovered a disconcerting, painful truth that has remained buried for too long.

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