New Adult

Guilty. Drunk in Love

(Guilty. Drunk in Love)

Magazzini Salani, May 2024, pp.558

Guilty debuts at number 6 on the General Top Ten chart !

Following the huge success of The Truth Untold (over 120,000 copies sold), a romantasy about an ill-fated love suspended between two worlds.

Arthur is a prince who will stop at nothing to save his endangered throne, except give up the woman he loves.

Lavinia lives alone in a derelict house and is at the end of her tether, so one day she decides to end it all and jump off a bridge. She is saved by Arthur, a young man with golden locks, who seems to have no identity and no family. So Lavinia decides to invite him to live with her. The young man is actually the prince of a kingdom in a parallel universe. They fall in love but a curse hangs over their relationship. For Arthur, the time has come to return home and claim his rightful throne, but he will not do so unless he can take Lavinia with him.

Magazzini Salani, May 2024, pp.558

Rights Sold

Option Publisher: Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal (Poland); Magazzini Salani Spain (world Spanish rights).


Rokia, has loved making up stories since she was a child. She started telling them on Wattpad, just for fun, under the pseudonym Clarine Jay, registering over 11 million views. With Magazzini Salani she has already published The Truth Untold (2022) which has been a bestseller with over 120,000 copies sold and Sindrome (Syndrome, 2023) with over 50,000 copies sold.

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