Historical Saga

Domani, domani

(Tomorrow, Tomorrow)

Casa Editrice Nord, June 2024, pp.384

Following the huge success of her La portalettere, the best-selling novel of 2023, Francesca Giannone returns to Salento with a sensitive, eventful novel about family bonds and conflicts.

Lorenzo and Agnese, a brother and sister, are united by their love for the family soap factory, divided by destiny and by a decision that ends up separating them and marking their tomorrows and the rest of their lives.

Salento, late 1950s. Lorenzo and Agnese have lost everything. Their father has sold the family’s soap factory, a legacy he experienced as a millstone, but which, for the siblings,  represented a reason for living. Now, to remain there as ordinary workers for a new, arrogant owner is a dreadful perspective. On an impulse, Lorenzo decides to leave, intending to find the money to take back what belongs to him. Agnese, on the other hand, decides to stay, unwilling to abandon her home of talc and soap. This leads to a serious and apparently fatal division between the siblings, taking them in opposite and unforeseen directions.

Casa Editrice Nord, June 2024, pp.384

Rights Sold

Option publishers: Albania: Botimet Living; World Arabic Rights: Al Arabi Publishing; Brazil: LVM; Croatia: HenaCom; Czech Republic: Grada; Denmark: Forlaget Grønningen 1; World English Rights: Crown Publishing; Finland: Wsoy; France: Albin Michel; Germany: btb/PRH; Greece: Psichogios; Lithuania: Alma Littera; The Netherlands: Wereldbibliotheek; North Macedonia: Antolog Books; Poland: Znak; Portugal: Presença; Romania: Univers; Russia: Alpina Publishers; Slovenia: HKZ;  World Spanish Rights: Duomo Ediciones; Turkey: Gutenberg/Inkilap.

Francesca Giannone

Francesca Giannone, originally from Salento, graduated in Communication Science and studied at the Experimental Centre for Cinematography. Her debut novel, La Portalettere (The Letter Carrier, 2023), has enjoyed tremendous success. Currently being translated in 35 countries, it was the best-selling Italian novel in 2023, and won the Premio Bancarella as well as the Premio Amo Questo Libro.

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