Microbiota geniale. Curare l'intestino per guarire la mente

(The Brilliant Microbiota. Treating the Intestine in Order to Heal the Mind)

Antonio Vallardi Editore, June 2023, pp.176

Full English available

Written by the scientist considered one of the top international experts in microbiota, this book outlines how avant-garde research on microbiota is revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of mood swings, eating disorders, degenerative illnesses, and neurological problems.

World-renowned scientist Maria Rescigno clearly explains how the gut-brain connection is regulated by microbiota. She guides readers through the latest discoveries and potential future advancements, teaching them to “modulate” microbiota using specific probiotics, postbiotics, bacterial metabolites, fermented foods, and microbiota transplants. This approach aims to safeguard and restore a healthy intestinal barrier, thereby preventing and treating disorders associated with its imbalances.

Antonio Vallardi Editore, June 2023, pp.176

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Romania: Philobia.

Maria Rescigno

Maria Rescigno graduated in Biology from Milan University, specialising in Applied Biotechnology. She has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University and obtained a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology. She has been Research Director at the research unit on dendritic cells and immunotherapy at the Experimental Oncology department of the European Oncology Institute in Milan, and was visiting professor at Oslo University from 2008 to 2013. In 2016, she founded Postbiotica, a biotechnology company. At present, she teaches General Pathology at Humanitas, where she runs the Mucosa Immunology and Microbiota unit. She has written over 200 articles for prestigious journals like ScienceNature ImmunologyImmunity and Nature. Vallardi has published Microbiota, arma segreta del sistema immunitario (2020) and Microbiota geniale is her latest book.

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