New Adult

Better. Collisione

(Better. Collision)

Magazzini Salani, May 2022, pp.480

over 135,000 copies sold!

English synopsis available

“I pictured a love as delicate as the sound of a symphony, as light as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. I was wrong. From the first moment he touched me, love has been the off-key tune of an electric guitar. The curse of a soul on a collision course.”


A new voice in the dark romance genre, that draws on the tradition of this genre in order to present strong themes that hinge on unavowable secrets and passions, and two complex, tormented characters.

Vanessa is a second-year college student who has an innate love of books and the rain, and has an enduring bond with her best friends. After her parents get divorced, she meets Travis, a young man she hopes will help her recover her long-lost peace of mind. For two years it seems that nothing can dent their tempestuous love affair – at least not until Vanessa comes across the conceited arrogance of Thomas: a self-confident, hostile young man who is both a victim and an aggressor with a tormented past and a dreadful secret that has doomed him to unhappiness. Thomas and Vanessa’s lives, so different and yet so alike, interlock, leading to a both passionate and painful relationship made up of yearning, rows, secrets and obstacles. And when everything seems to take a turn for the better, an unexpected presence upsets everything.

Magazzini Salani, May 2022, pp.480

Rights Sold

World English Rights: Sourcebooks; France: Hachette Livre; Germany: Penguin Verlag; Poland: Marginesy/ Luna; Portugal: Planeta; Russia: AST Publishers; World Spanish Rights: Wonderbooks/Grupo Atico.

Carrie Leighton

Carrie Leighton is an avid reader of romance fiction, she debuted on the Wattpad platform, gaining great popularity in a very large community. In her stories, she blends love, passion, secrets and powerful emotions with a touch of spice. When not writing, she enjoys watching TV series. Magazzini Salani has published her bestseller trilogy with over 350,000 copies sold: Better. Collisione (Collision, 2022), Better. Dannazione (Damnation, 2023and Better. Ossessione (Obsession, 2023).

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