Ugo Guanda Editore


Established by Ugo Guanda in 1932 in Parma, Guanda has always been home to innovative and original content, with a proven commitment to publish important voices from both 20th-century fiction and non-fiction and a particular focus on contemporary verse. After its founder’s demise in 1971, and specifically since 1987, Guanda expanded its list with renewed vigour, combining a respect for tradition with a fierce passion for discovering new talent. Its catalogue encompasses a broad range of genres, from the new American novel to the Latin American wave, and includes many of the most renowned names among contemporary international authors. Over the years, Guanda has nurtured a wide array of emerging Italian writers and poets, and since 1990 has published a series of Italian classics, “Biblioteca di Scrittori Italiani”, in association with the Pietro Bembo Foundation. In 1998, Guanda also started to bring out a series of pocket books, which currently numbers some 400 titles.

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