TEA - Tascabili degli Editori Associati


TEA (Tascabili degli Editori Associati) was founded in Milan by Longanesi & C. and UTET in 1987 as a paperback outlet for their titles and soon established itself as one of Italy’s major players in this market. TEA selects its books from titles originally published by the GeMS group’s imprints and presents them as quality paperback editions to widen their popularity. Its list spans different genres and counts numerous series. Over the years, TEA’s scope has shifted from mainly classics, works of religion and reference texts, to popular fiction, general non-fiction, self-help and how-to titles, memoirs, and illustrated books, and now also involves signing up new authors. In 1999 TEA was acquired by Longanesi, and in 2005 became part of the GeMS group. With more than 2,000 titles in print, 250 new releases a year and 350 reprints, TEA has sold over 60,000,000 copies since its inception.
In 2015 TEA acquired Superpocket/Best Thriller, an imprint entirely devoted to paperback editions of bestselling books.

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