New Adult

Fabbricante di lacrime

(Maker of Tears)

Magazzini Salani, May 2021, pp.672

over 600,000 copies sold

26 editions


English Synopsis and Sample Available

Wishing for a family. An impossible love.

Just one certainty: you cannot lie to the ‘maker of tears’.

Within the walls of Grave, the orphanage in which Nica has grown up, stories and legends have always been told by candlelight. The most famous one is about the tear maker, a mysterious craftsman with eyes as clear as glass, guilty of having manufactured all the fears and anxieties that dwell in people’s hearts.

But, at the age of seventeen, the moment has come for Nica to leave all these dark childhood stories behind. Her greatest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have begun the adoption procedures and are ready to give her the family she’s always wanted. However, Nica is not alone in the new house. Rigel, a restless, mysterious orphan, is also taken out of Grave, and he’s the last person Nica would wish for an adoptive brother. Rigel is intelligent, astute, plays the piano like a bewitching demon and is mesmerisingly handsome, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark temperament. Even though Nica and Rigel share a past filled with grief and deprivation, living together seems impossible; especially when the legend comes back to haunt their lives and the maker of tears suddenly grows increasingly real and draws nearer. Even so, gentle and brave, Nica is ready to do anything in order to protect her dream, because only by facing the nightmares that torment her will she finally be able to soar freely like the butterfly after which she was named.

Magazzini Salani, May 2021, pp.672

  • “The world’s young women and men want stories that analyse their feelings, including love and friendship. They also want to cry. To produce tears.”

    Beppe Cottafavi, Domani

  •  “The anonymous pen so loved by teenagers: a feuilleton 2.0 (…) A resounding generational success”.

    Crocefisso Dentello, Il Fatto Quotidiano

  • “the first publishing phenomenon of 2022”.


    Ilaria Zaffino, La Repubblica

  • “A story dense with emotion, that leaves you with bated breath at every chapter”.

    Il Libraio

Rights Sold

Albania: Dituria; Brazil: Harper Collins Brazil; Croatia: Lumen/Školska knjiga; Czech Rep: Omega; Denmark: Gronningen; World English Rights: Michael Joseph/PRH; France: Hachette Romans; Greece: Psichogios; Holland: A.W. Bruna; Hungary: Kolibri; Korea: Noonkoip Publishing; North Macedonia: TRI Publishing;  Poland: Znak; Portugal: Planeta; Romania: Litera; Russia: Eksmo; Slovakia: Grada Slovakia; Slovenia: Založba Vida; World Spanish:  Montena/Penguin Random House.

Movie rights sold: Colorado Film

Erin Doom

Erin Doom is the pen name of a young Italian writer. Magazzini Salani published her Fabbricante di lacrime (The Tearsmith, 2021), the 2022 bestselling title in Italy with over 550,000 copies sold, and Nel modo in cui cade la neve (The Way the Snow Falls, 2022), with over 200,000 copies sold and Stigma (2023).

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