Historical novel

Donna Francesca Savasta, intesa Ciccina

(Donna Francesca Savasta, a.k.a. Ciccina)

Astoria Edizioni , July 2024, pp.192

In this novel, set in 19th century Sicily, Ciccina is the original, irreverent and very modern protagonist of a story about adultery, brigands, and more or less licit love affairs that have been silenced.

Donna Francesca Savasta, nicknamed Ciccina, is a young working-class woman who is simple, possibly uneducated but definitely revolutionary in her boundless wisdom and pragmatism. She is a midwife in a remote mountain village and devotes herself to helping as best as she can the lives of poor, inexperienced young mothers and abandoned children. She does this according to a strict moral law – her own – among brigands who aren’t so very bad, parish priests who aren’t all that faithful to their vow of chastity, local vendettas, murders and disappearances.

Astoria Edizioni , July 2024, pp.192

  • “A worthy companion to the women of the Sicilian literary tradition, irreverent, sensual and dynamic, Ciccina is an unforgettable character.”

    Stefania Auci

Laura Lanza

Laura Lanza was born in Rome and has worked as a librarian at the Vallicelliana Library and is now editor-in-chief of the journal ‘Accademie & Biblioteche d’Italia’. She has written many pieces about the cultural life of the capital. This debut novel of hers was the runner up for the 2019 Premio Calvino.

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